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You can visit or stay, attend shows, buy horses, travel to local studs and stables, even join us as a student to

learn stable management, equitation, stallion care and more. Or come and visit local historical sites and

places that interest you.

Showhumpers, event horses and Connemama ponies.

 At Ard Cherrymount Stud, There will always be some for sale. Our Selection of Stallions to suit your mare. And our new Equine innovation provide the best inovative equine products and a list all the stallions we have on the stud.   Competition horses, Stallions, Showjumpers, Event horses and Connemara Ponies. Through Irelandhorse you can visit or stay, attend shows, buy horses, travel to local studs and stables, even join us as a student to learn stable management, equitation, stallion care and more. Or come and visit local historical sites and places that interest you. ARD CHERRYMOUNT STUD This picture here below shows my most beloved stallion we bred, Ard Allez Cat xx who competed at International level showjumping. He became a great sire of International Showjumpers and Eventers. This picture was myself, Heather Wright, riding him when he was a 5 year old in the RDS.  With all the showjumpers, event horses and Connemara ponies at Ard Cherrymount Stud, there will always be some for sale.  There is a selection of Stallions to suit your mare and a page of products to buy Irelandhorse is starting with introducing it's base Ard Cherrymount Stud. Through the site you will see pages on all the stallions we have on the stud, the other horses and two sections on stable buildings We have set up our YouTube account 'Irelandhorse1' for clips of horses and ponies and more! NEW  We have the page on ' 'JOBS' and 'Items for Sale' page. Click on jobs to have a look. For our 'Building' page click here Picture of the land of Ard Cherrymount Stud with Killua Castle in the the distance. Ard Cherrymount House (below)     NEW Stallion fees can now be purchased using CC and Lazer. To do this please click here and go to 'The Stallions' page OUR Monthly NEWS  ( or Previous news) April 2011 News Natal has another 5 y'old doing very well. 'RNH National Natal' ridden by MaryEllen Rice. The partnership have just won the Mullingar Winter Showjumping League. Here is a video of them when they won the 1.20m Finals on the last day. Conan also finished the Mullingar Winter Pony showjumping League, by winning the 138cms Finals and League, a great start to the season for him. 17th April, I (Heather) finished 3rd in the 1.10m on my Sallymount Douglas in Cavan where we qualified for the 5 y'old Cavan Finals which are held at the end of the year. He has been out to a few classes in Ross House so he is still very green. In the 1m class in Cavan I turned him up a bit short to an oxer in the seckond round, so he had to paddle through it. So when I set off in the 1.10m class I began to think that I was not going to be able to stay on!. A little bit of mane kept us together and we managed to stay clear. Here is one of the pictures! May/June 2011 News We have four lovely colts born this year by Clover Flush and Natal and the mares as going back in foal easily which is great. The new addition to the rostrum has turned out to be Ard Golden Crisp (pictured below)(Luidam x Ard Caramel) . Crisp is only two this year but as he made his own arrangements with one of our Connemara fillies Maggie, who runs by her own rules and travels the farm, so she became his first love!. I had to inject her as she was still rather young and she is now away on a different farm for safety. So lately Crisp has had a couple of intended mares and has still managed to maintain his lovely character. Ard Golden Crisp July/Aug/Sept 2011 News A lot to catch up on!   Clover Flush has moved to the South to stand with Richie Fitzgerald of Ballinasisla, Bandon, Co. Waterford and his number is 087- 9380466     My Sallymount Douglas the young gelding I had qualified for the 5 y'olds in Cavan, has been sold to Linda Moloney and the pair did really well finishing in the final round of the 5Year Old Championships in Cavan (Pictured here left) looking very confident. It was a big 'ask' of him as he really had done so little. I wish Linda and Tom all the best. Conan has been doing really well with Ard Jack the Lad jumping at the shows and gaining the much needed points. They seem to be getting a great partnership together. We have a new member to the family. Luka, a beautiful Dalmatian 12 week old puppy. (pictured below) She comes from Wales and has a big long Welsh name I can't pronounce. Already she is so much a part of the family and even barked at our first intruder, it was actually George arriving home after having a hair cut!!! SALES.......SALES.......SALES 29th September The two 4 year olds that George has just broken, are heading to Tattersalls for the Event Horse Sale which is being held on Saturday 1st October. Lot 12 and 20. They have really come on and are getting very good at their jumping and cross-country having schooled now at Dollanstown, Carlanstown and Corscadden's. 6th October Then the following week we have the three foals by Natal (KWPN) going to the Cavan Young Stock Sport Horse Sale on Thursday Lot 210, 271, 277 on the first day. 27th October Adam, our 4 year old Approved Connemara Stallion is on offer at the Clifden Connemara Pony Sales. He is a sweet pony, he is already broken and would suit any activity. October 2011 News The two four year olds jumped everything they were asked with George at the Tattersalls Sales on the 1st. They were green though and sadly the day was disappointing. The chestnut fellow only made €2,000 and George decided not to let the Bay chap go at a low price so he took him home. 2nd Oct Conan rode Ard Jack the Lad  in his first 1.10m competition. The previous day Jack was worried about the banners (having never been in the big ring in Cavan before)  so ran sideways on Conan down to the double in both the 90 and 1m classes. Today he was much better.. As Jack does not seem to be worried by size Conan skipped the 90 class and did  the 1m class and did a lovely double clear. Then Conan suggested we have a go at the 1.10m where he again rode another lovely double clear (pictured here). We were ever so pleased as this was only Jacks 6th registered show after having been in only two training shows before that. Jack is six now so Conan can have a bit of fun with him. or have a look back for old news, click here)   Explore more of Irelandhorse and find out what suits YOU The address; Ard Cherrymount Stud, Clonmellon, Navan, County Meath, IRELAND M8L 99 5TK Our telephone;  046-9433433 From abroad 0035346-9433433 Our fax is the same as above Heather's mobile phone ;  086-1730900  (From abroad 0035386-1730900)  The email address;  info@ Irelandhorse was launched on 27-10-99 This page was last updated on 26-1-2014                       Competition horses, Stallions, Showjumpers, Event horses and Connemara Ponies. 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What is available;

Accommodation. Indoor barn, Arena (above) and 50 acres of rolling countryside. View Horses and Ponies that are for sale. Visit local stud farms. Join in with the activities of the Stud Farm. Private riding lessons. Learn the basics of A.I. and collection. Breaking and training of young horses. Care of mares, foals, youngstock and Stallions. Stable management and Stud work. Stallion care A stable is often available for a student to bring their own horse too.